Because highly sensitive people need to pay particular attention to maintain a healthy balance of rest and stimulation contemplative tools are especially helpful for this population to tend to this trait.Felicitas Kusch -Lango has created a workshop specifically for the highly sensitive person and draws many clients from this population in her private Coaching practice.

About 20% of the population is  highly sensitive, a  trait described in the work of Dr. Orin who named this trait in her ground breaking work ” The highly sensitive person”, published in 1996. The discovery that I am a highly sensitive person (HSP), and that the particular way that my nervous system is wired requires a strong attention to stress management, was life changing and motivates me to reach out and work with this population. As I have delved deeper into the study of this trait and worked with many clients who are highly sensitive  I have found many new layers of how this trait manifests in challenging and wonderful ways.

In my workshops for highly sensitive people I offer a set of contemplative tools and insights to recognize, negotiate and appreciate this trait. I feel that the voice of the highly sensitive person offers a very important contribution in  the healing and evolving process of re balancing a culture that it is out of balance. Part of my work is to bring validation and space to that voice. I support holistic Psychiatry        ( Kelly Brogan, MD) that honors strong emotions as a gateway to deeper states of consciousness and that does not  automatically  prescribe  suppression and medication.

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“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti


When I discovered that I am HSP (a highly sensitive person) it all started to make sense . . .