Mala Yoga:

Mala Yoga sessions are 8 week 2 hour long classes Yoga classes that touch on the 8 fields of the Mala Practice.They include a Yin sequence  ( long held postures) and Yang sequence  ( flowing movement), a Relaxation practice, a Talk on the weekly field of practice and a meditation.

Classes are held at various locations in Western New York: Please e-mail for schedule.

June 2017: Evolation Yoga , Buffalo, NY


The highly sensitive person: How you can thrive through contemplative practice”

  • What makes you “highly sensitive”?
  • How does this trait affect your daily life and your relationships?
  • What changes can you make once you know that you are “highly sensitive”?
  • Why is being highly sensitive a challenge and a blessing at the same time?
  • How can contemplative practices be a precious resource for the “highly sensitive person”?

 “Why we need a contemplative practice to cultivate balance in the age of virtual interconnection”

A motivational lecture suited for wellness weeks or days in your organization to inspire everyone to commit to a daily contemplative practice. This talk includes experiential exercises, and a Q& A period and is presented as a power point and covers some of these topics:What are contemplative practices and how can they be used to live a more intentional and balanced life.What physical and mental states have we lost access to by being always connected virtually? How does ” imbalance” manifest? What are the steps that are needed to catch up with the changes in our communication and environment?


Please e-mail us at to inquire about booking a talk or an 8 week Yoga session.